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About Us 

Where it started

Starting with a vision and a couple instruments, Sheila Smyth (Director of The Right Key) saw a need in the community for people struggling with addictions to find a new healthy outlet through music and thus was formed The Right Key. The Right Key was established in 2012, and uses music for health, healing and recovery. The concept came to Sheila when she was providing music therapy at a rehabilitation centre for people recovering from addictions and many of the participants showed a keen interest in wanting to continue singing after they left treatment. The 'Voice of Recovery' was formed and lives transformed. 

The Right Key prides itself on innovation, resourcefulness, turning negative into positive, despair into hope and pain into meaning. This started with the renovation of an old pub into a recovery cafe aimed to help people rebuild their lives. Sheila when developing the project said “The Recovery Cafe is all about allowing people space to heal, in a safe environment. A breaking point can become a turning point if there is a safe place to heal, and the right support. It is not just for recovering alcoholics, but for anyone who is in a recovery process from life's hurts.”​​​​​​

Through the years The Right Key has developed a number of successful projects:

  • working with partners in mental health and prison services to promote 'singing for health' forming the 'Voice of Hope' and 'Voice of Release'.

  • musical performances National and in Europe. 

  • craft and woodworking: making and selling guitars, planters, chatty benches. 

  • Published an original album 'From The Ashes'

  • Published two books of personal recovery stories, images and creative pieces. 

Sheila Smyth and Dermot in 2016 at the Recovery Cafe in Dromore 

How it's going  

10 years ago, what started as a vision to help and heal others through music has developed and exceeded all expectations. Now running out of the scenic, old primary school in Loughbrickland we are able to offer an assorted mix of projects and activities, delivered by a number of passionate staff and volunteers. The vision remains the same, offering healing, support and building.

Members, staff, supporters & volunteers at our launch event for our new base in Loughbrickland in June 2021 

  • We run a weekly two day program for our members with a range of different creative, meaningful and informational activities designed to enhance recovery, healing and wellbeing.

  • We offer accommodation and support to women who have found themselves homeless and assist them in rebuilding.

  • We continue our woodworking for our men in recovery.

  • We offer delicious homemade food in our recovery cafe and place for our members to meet when they need additional support from each others.

  • We run a gift shop selling a range of products, all made in-house by members and staff with a passion for creativity and wellness. 

  • And of course, we continue with our core value of music and have our singing for health group on a weekly basis.  

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