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Wellbeing Program

Our wellbeing program is delivered on Mondays and Wednesdays. The program is a person centred approach offering sessions that will help with physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  

On this page you will find more information about the different activities we offer throughout the year.

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Singing Group 

A vital part of our wellbeing program as music is at the heart of what we do. Uplifting, fun, confidence building and bringing people together. 

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Mental Wellbeing Sessions

These sessions explore different topics with a focus on learning more and promoting strategies that can help people manage when they are struggling with their mental health or stress in their lives.  

Dirty Paintbrushes

Art Sessions 

Our art sessions allow you to express yourself in different creative ways. It will give you a sense of achievement creating something, even if you don't believe you are the most artistic. 

Plant Pots

Horticulture Group

Our horticulture group tend to our beautiful garden. Gardening has many positive benefits for boosting wellbeing including: decreasing stress, sense of achievement, remaining active, getting vitamin D (when the sun shines!)  

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Creative Writing

The creative sessions are always good fun and a way of getting you to use your imagination. We have 2 published books from our previous creative writing sessions and again encourage those who don't believe they have the imagination for it. You'd be surprised.

Dancing Guy

Dancing for Wellbeing

Our dance sessions are for all levels and abilities. It is a relaxed but encouraging way to get moving and is a fun way to nourish the body and boost your mood. 


Cookery Group

Our cookery sessions are a practical way to learn new recipes and motivate and inspire you in your home cooking. The finished goods are always enjoyed by all. 

Paper Craft

Crafts Group

Our crafts group is a fun way to learn how to make different things for decoration etc. Especially popular at Easter and christmas.

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Peer Support Group

Our addictions support group allow those in recovery to check in with and get peer support from our facilitators with lived experience. 

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Short Sessions 

Some other sessions include: pharmacy advice, board games, holistic health. These can be one off sessions or shorter blocks of week. 

Contact us today to see if this program is suitable for you and your needs. Initial steps would be an informal chat on the phone and then an invite to visit the centre.  


07949 418 408


Thank you for submitting. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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