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Music Lessons with Nathan 

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Nathan is our diversely talented musical leader in The Right Key, leading our singing for health workshops within the centre and across communities. With over 20 years experience in music; his friendly, encouraging and patient approach enthuses all participants in the workshops and in lessons. 


Nathan's passion for music meant pursuing it, as a career path, was a no-brainer. His love of teaching flourished from a young age and through the years as he pursued different qualifications and opportunities to further his experience and techniques. His dedication to music is reflected in his talent and in his enthusiasm when working with people.

If you are interested in learning an instrument, advancing existing skills further, looking preparation for grades/exams, tutoring in music theory or support with composing then you've come to the right page. Read on to view Nathan's extensive musical career and how he can help you on your musical journey. 

Lessons Available 

All levels and abilities welcome. Nathan teaches the following:

  • Piano - Beginner to Advanced (up to grade 8) (Classical, Contemporary, Jazz) 

  • Acoustic Guitar - Beginner to Advanced (up to grade 8) (Folk, Contemporary, Pop, Rock) 

  • Music Theory -  Beginners to Advanced (useful for the preparation of exams, for moving past grade 5, developing composition work and choral work) 

  • Electronic Guitar - Beginners (up to grade 5)

  • Bass Guitar - Beginners (up to grade 5)

  • Drums - Beginners (up to grade 5)


Nathan started attending music lessons at the age of 7 learning Piano.  He spend every moment he could with an instrument in his hand, eager to soak up all there is to learn about playing music and by 11 was ready to start teaching others. At 16 teaching became a reality as he started getting students referred through friends and family. Nathan's love for teaching grew even more as he seen firsthand his students progressing in their abilities, growing in confidence and developing the same passion for music he shares. 

Playing out of his mum's garage aka 'The Cave', Nathan and his friends would spend hours practising and playing their favourite music naturally forming his first band at 12, playing guitar and singing. Through the years Nathan has played in multiple bands, mainly focusing on writing, singing and guitar. Occasionally though he would be called in to cover for other musicians in different bands and like a chameleon was able to jump on to whatever needed played. 

Proficient in many instruments, there is no instrument Nathan will not attempt. He realised though that he had a particular love for acoustic guitar and piano. This is reflected in his talent and accolades, as he has won multiple piano recitals and competitions across counties and with his exceptional skills in piano, was asked to play at a prestigious event in the Titanic Quarter performing for Princess Anne on a Grand Piano. 

Nathan's passion for music extends beyond his love of playing and teaching. His understanding of the creative process is evident in his many years of composing and producing, his own original pieces along with supporting his students in developing theirs. His own extensive portfolio has over 20 albums he has produced and worked for himself and his associates in the industry. 

 Nathan takes a patient, positive, adaptive approach. No matter what your goals are, if you are interested in further your knowledge, skills and confidence in music then get in touch today to start your journey. 




  • Associate Diploma of the London College of Music, Diploma (Level 5) in Music Literacy, Composition- ALCM, University of West London

  • Grade 8 Piano with Distinction (QCF Level 3 Certificate Graded Examination in Music Performance) - The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

  • Grade 8 Theory of Music with Merit (QCF Level 3 Certificate Graded Examination in Music Theory)- The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music 

  • Grade 8 Guitar passed with Merit - Rockschool 

  • Grade 8 Electric Bass Guitar passed with Merit - Rockschool 

  • Grade 8 Drum Kit  passed with Merit - Rockschool 

Getting Started 

Learning a new instrument, preparing for exams or furthering your development in music is a huge commitment. Here are some FAQ when working with Nathan. 

Where are lessons located? 

Current locations are in the Lisburn and Banbridge/Loughbrickland. Lessons can also be arranged via zoom. 

How often should I get lessons? 

It is optimal to get weekly lessons to keep the momentum of learning and giving yourself time for practice between sessions. 

How long are lessons? 

The standard and recommended time is 1 hour, however half an hour lessons can be discussed at initial consultations as they may be more appropriate for younger children. 

How much are lessons? 

£30 for 1 hour 

£20 for half an hour 

How do I pay for lessons? 

Monthly payments preferable via direct debit or cash is also acceptable. 

Do I need to purchase anything for lessons? 

This can be discussed further at your first lesson depending on what your goals on during your lessons. It would be ideal to purchase the instrument you are learning for further practice in between lessons. If you are looking recommendations when choosing the instrument this can be discussed at your first lesson. 

To get in touch for more information or book lessons please contact us

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